About Us

What We Do

R3 Cycles is South-East Asia’s hidden gem where you can connect with a close- knit community of riders who love all things gravel, MTB and bikepacking.

We uphold high standards of workmanship, transparent pricing and a hand-picked range of top-notch products from makers dedicated to crafting custom-built bikes.

From chill coffee cruises to shredding gnarly trails, we look forward to riding with you soon.

Our purpose

In an age of increasing disconnection and unsustainable consumption, R3 Cycles exists to reconnect people through cycling:

  1. with other people
  2. with nature
  3. with themselves

R3 Cycles’ close-knit community of experienced riders and mechanics equips people from all walks of life for a lifetime of adventure.

Reconnect with others

Being a hub for casual gatherings and intimate relationships through shared adventures

Reconnect with nature

Heading off-road to develop awareness and ability as a rider

Reconnect with ourselves

Becoming self-sufficient by understanding our own strengths and serving other riders