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Bloomfield Frameset

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We started Bassi Bikes in 2009 to be able to ride and build the fixed-gear track bikes of our dreams, and we wound up producing three editions of Montreal’s beloved Roma-Tokyo frame over the years. Twelve years later, we still love singlespeed bikes and we miss that first frame of ours.
Now, meet the Bloomfield: a track frame ready for how we ride in our cities. The same simple, elegant lines and fun, zippy ride as the Roma, with affordance for everything we love to have on our bikes these days. Call it a chimera of a track bike and a commuter: it’s even compatible with two different wheel sizes!
  • Straight fork and agile geometry
  • Forged horizontal dropouts in 120mm spacing, for real track hubs
  • Front and rear rim brake mounts
  • Hidden eyelets for racks and fenders
  • Bottle cage eyelets
  • Use 650B x 45mm wheels with long-reach brakes for comfort and chill steering
  • Use 700C x 28mm wheels with mid-reach brakes for speed and quick steering
  • 1" threaded fork for use with threaded headsets and quill stems
We look forward to seeing your Bloomfields with track drops and slicks one day and big tracklocross tires and racks the next!


  • Tube Type: 4130 CrMo steel (double butted top and down tubes and triple butted seat tube)
  • Two smaller sizes use 25.4/28.6 top-tube/downtube
  • Two larger sizes use 28.6/31.8 top-tube/downtube
  • Bottom Bracket: 68mm wide, BSC threaded
  • Seat Tube inner diameter: 27.2mm
  • M5 eyelets at mid-fork, on seat stays and drop-outs for rack and fenders
  • Two bottle cage mounts
  • Eyelets on seat tube and top tube for shoulder strap
  • Forged horizontal rear dropouts with 120mm spacing, a standard in singlespeed frame
  • Includes track dropout screws and seatpost bolt
  • Does not include casing clips for attaching brake housing


* all measurements are in mm except for angle measurements which are in degrees

Colours are not necessarily representative when viewed on a screen. Please be prepared to accept slight differences in hue from the colours you see here.

This colour is a difficult one to accurately photograph and convey on the screen. It's a bit more purple indoors, but in daylight it's a white with a drop of purple in it. Imagine a fairly white lilac tree.

Please note that the lowest set of eyelets on the fork and on the seatstays are for fenders only. They are not meant to bear the load of a rack.