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Oveja Negra

Chenoa's Denim Denim Sticker Sheet

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  • 5" X 7" Sticker sheet
  • Printed/Cut in Colorado by our friends at Sticker Giant
  • 5 individually cut stickies

The classic look of denim knows no borders and spans generations of admirers. It never goes out of style. From that timeless jean jacket to the frayed jorts, denim is a fashion template to take and run with in whatever direction your heart desires. Just as denim is so fashionably versatile, so is the Chuckbucket. This chuckie will be by your side on those slow mellow cruiser rides to biking the divide.

I couldn't be more excited to bring this everlasting look to arguably the most inclusive bag we make...may I present to you the Denim Denim Chuckbucket Handlebar Bag! This never nude chuckie is bound to turn heads. Not only is the fit just right for any of your bikes, it's also been a canvas for a local artist and jean art enthusiast. Ya know, just your general cobra and bike theme.

I hope you enjoy this bag as much as I have enjoyed creating it! Live happy, stay healthy, and be the center of attention this spring with the Denim Denim Chuckbucket Handlebar Bag!

All the best from sunny Salida,