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El Continente Frameset

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Bikes are meant to be ridden so it is important that a bike rides well. Bikes that ride well need to be comfortable and efficient. Marketing plays a big roll in how folks perceive a bike will perform for them when it comes to choosing what brand or frame material or components or what-have-yous. I think it's important to be very objective when it comes to these choices. These are some of the things that are common to Monē Bikes.

Steel. All frame materials have strengths and weaknesses and all are hyped in some way or another. Steel is argued by many to be the king of comfort in the arena of frame materials. The high-end butted tubing used in Monē Bikes has been developed over many many years to be extremely strong and light.  It is repairable, joined by a flame and easy to work with. I also personally think steel bikes are the prettiest out there, subjective, but if you don't think so, I think you're wrong.

Tires. Big tires. Pneumatic suspension. 3.0, 5.0, 44c....the fatties. On the road, dirt or in between, riding a bike with bigger tires is more comfortable. There is a fair amount of science behind the superior speed and handling of bigger tires at lower pressures but they simply feel and look good. After a few thousand miles of on and off road touring, big tires are key to my happiness on the bike. Not all stock bike frames fit larger sized tires, road or mountain. The bikes that will fit them are few and far between and often not exactly what you were looking for...enter Monē Bikes.

SS. Or not to Single Speed? Makes no difference. I will build a bike that best suits your needs. SS is a style choice. Durability? Get a rohloff. Cheap? Find some 8 speed XT stuff. Concerned about style. Better go SS. I do have to concede to clearer mind arguments, 'my mind is clearest when riding SS'... and it isn't thinking about how stylie my SS is. But seriously, it is the most fun I can have on a bike, albeit at a slight speed disadvantage to the geared folk but then I have en excuse for sucking and a reason to gloat when crushing.

Parts. I love building bikes around period component sets while mixing old and new. Lugs and thru axles? Yep. Downtube shifters and fat tires? Yes.  Canti brakes on a 29er? Done deal. The things that used to work really well on bikes...still do.



  • Raw brass fillets.

  • Bi-plane, curved offset fork.

  • Custom butted tubes.

  • Short telescoping chainstays.

  • This frame is a neo classic.

  • A drop bar, plus, dirt tourer, born on the Tour Divide.... El Continente.

  • 2 x anything cage mounts on the fork and 2 more on the frame, fender, low rider racks, discs...every mount you need with so few you don't. It's non-suspension corrected, with clearance to party. A true dirt drop miracle designed to take on a grocery run, or a run down the continental divide.


  • BB: English threaded 73mm
  • Front Axle: 15mm x 110 mm (boost, included with fork)
  • Rear Axle: 12mm x 148mm (boost, included with frame)
  • Crank/chainline: 52mm or more (boost compatible only)
  • Seat Post: 27.2mm
  • Headtube: 1 1/8"
  • A-C: 430
  • Chainstay: 413-430mm
  • Clearance: 29+ **, B+, 29, 650b, 26+
**with a full 29+ and platform pedals some toe overlap can be experienced on the s/m. If you are sensetive to it… a.) run clipless pedals b.) B+ wheels are a great option..or regular 29. c.) Run it…I do and enjoy a 0 compromise s/m frame.