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Selle Anatomica

H2 Touring Saddle, Black Leather, Silver Rivets

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H2 offers the strongest leather saddle from Selle Anatomica paired with our next generation modular frame with Chicago screws. The unique process used to prepare the leather in H Series creates a stiffer, more durable saddle. They are ideal for touring and long distance riding and for cyclists who prefer a stiffer riding platform, such as those coming from Brooks.

The new frame used with our Series 2 saddles is lighter weight, stronger, and user serviceable. Series 2 saddles can be upgraded with Carbon Fiber rails and different leather tops can be installed depending on your needs



    • Full Grain Leather top with dual reinforcing laminate layers

    • Patented Flex-Fly Slot relieves perineal discomfort and sit bone pain

    • Hex Key Tension System

    • Industry leading fore/aft adjustability

    • Designed for cyclists who ride more than 100 miles per week and/or weigh between 180 and 250 pounds

    Technical Information

    • Weight 420 grams

    • Frame Cast Aluminum

    • Rails Tubular stainless steel

    • Watershed leather Yes

    • Patented Flex-Fly Slot Yes

    • Carbon Rail Upgrade Yes

    • Leather Weight Limit 250 lbs

    • Ideal For those riding low or high mileage who want to take some weight off the bike, all riding applications

    • Rider Serviceable Yes