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Oveja Negra

Izzy's "I Luv 2 Snacc (Pack)" Shadow Shifter Youth Tee, Green to Yellow

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You and your best friend hangin' out, jelly sandals on your feet, laying on the waterbed in the basement, staring up at a New Kids on the Block poster on the ceiling, rat-tails curled up under your heads, while an Ace of Base cassette blasts out of the boombox...

Though we can’t take you back to the past, we are bringing the nostalgia back with the shirts-formerly-known-as-Hypercolor. Sport this mood ring of tees and recapture the boundlessness of pre-Y2K joy. These shirts have everything: made by ShadowShifter and screen printed by Pine Printshop, they are machine washable and dryer safe, safe for your skin, and pair great with slap bracelets, Reebok Pumps, and tight rolled jeans.

  • Illustrations by Oveja Negra team member, Izzy Krompegel-Anliker
  • Printed in Colorado by Pine Printing
  • Shirts are Made in the USA by Shadow Shifter
  • Heat & water activated color changing UNISEX t-shirts
  • Improved color shifting technology from Global Hypercolor days
  • Fully machine washable & dryable at temperatures appropriate for 100% cotton fabrics
  • Adult sizes change from purple to pink!
  • Youth sizes change from green to yellow!
  • Guaranteed to make you the coolest and hottest on your next group ride