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King Cage

Kargo Cage

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King Cage was founded in 1991. While working at One Off Titanium, a customer asked if he could get a bottle cage made from titanium. I gave it a go and have been making them since. The stainless steel cage was introduced in 1996.

These cages have a beautiful contemporary design, hold water bottles securely

All King Cages are made in my garage in Durango, CO, from all USA-sourced materials.


  • The King Cage Cargo Cage bottle cage and tool pouch is an ingenious way to carry tools and a bottle cage on your bike down tube - all in one piece.

  • The Cargo Cage attaches to your bike's down tube, and the tool pouch fits between the back of the bottle cage and the downtube. The tool pouch is made from extreme durable ballistic nylon.

  • Non-mark up your water bottles

  • Non-rust

  • Super Strong


  • 24,1 cm x 7,6 cm x 3,1 cm