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Oveja Negra

Púbicas Negras Purist Water Bottle, 22 oz Gold

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Meet Baaaaaaarrrrrrrt, the bike pack loving sheep and his homie Wayne Lil'son. 

Baaaaaaarrrrrrt digs buttery single track, nap packing, and grazing on ditch weed.  This Oveja Negra always fills his Ti dangle with chocolate milk...too bad he's lactose intolerant.  He never lets this discomfort get him down, though.  Who needs E assist when you're poot powered?!?

Wayne Lil'son is a potty mouthed, herbivore who likes crossword puzzles and wet t-shirt contests.  She pumps a lot of iron and will kick your butt on the trail...yes, we know she doesn't have legs, that's what makes her so bad ass, duh!

  • 22 or 26 oz Purist bottle
  • Made in the USA
  • BPA Free
  • Baaaaaaarrrrrrt on one side, Wayne Lil'son on the other 
  • Holds water and other liquids
  • Generates coolness

Baaaaaaarrrrrrrt and Wayne Lil'son were born from the beautiful brain of DJ Jazzy Pubic Hair (@bicyclepubes via Instagram), a world renowned artist, journalist, and influencer, who is also fart powered.