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Sylvan Gordito Pedals, Black

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The name Gordito comes from a South American Spanish language “term of endearment” that translates to chubby , but is used like the word darling. The Gordito pedal is large and lovable.
Maintaining the same width of the Sylvan touring, we have increased the length of the pedal body allowing for a large comfortable platform for the rider to firmly rest their feet. This pedal is ideal for those looking for a comfortable ride, as well as those with large legs or shoes. Like the Sylvan touring, the cage plate tooth profile is grippy, but not particularly aggressive.

・The largest platform in the Sylvan series, about 94 mm x 85 mm.
・Built around our proven and user serviceable Cup & Cone bearing system.
・The step plates are attached with screws, which can be replaced by the user if damaged.
・Two colors: Barrel polished silver body with anodized plates or Shot Blasted black body with black anodized plates.


  • Color: Black
  • Body: Alloy
  • Plate: Alloy/Anodized
  • Step Area: Double sided
  • Bearing: Cup & Cone Bearings
  • Toe Clip: None
  • Reflector: Possible(option)
  • Purpose: TOURING / CITY


  • Size: Width 94 × Length 85
  • Weight: 430g per pair