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King Cage

Titanium Cage

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The natural property of Titanium to precisely resume its shape once it's stretched. That means that this Titanium cage will come right back to shape even if you rip your water bottle out in the heat of a big race.

Great also for headlamp batteries, under-tube mounting locations, and for Triathletes who need cages mounted behind the saddle. You'll be proud to have this cage on your bike for years to come.

When titanium version hollow struts were used to support the weight again to reduce.

The result is one of the lightest metal bottle holders in the world.

The optimal bottle holder for titanium frame!

Note: matching aluminum / titanium screws you will find us in the category screws (M5x15)

All King Cages are made in my garage in Durango, CO, from all USA-sourced materials.


  • Each King Cage is handmade.
  • Unlike industrial products, it is a handmade bottle cage that "feels people from the work".
  • Non-mark up your water bottles
  • Non-rust
  • Titanium
  • Super Strong

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Titanium

  • Weight: 28g