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Touring Cantilever Brake, Polish (Front/ Rear)

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The narrower profile of the Touring Canti can be desirable if you’re riding with large panniers or if your current brakes don’t give you enough heel or calf clearance.



  • The arms of the Touring Canti are machined from lightweight 6061 aluminum. Their T-shaped cross section prevents the brake from flexing too much under load.

  • The brake pads mount to slots in the arms that allow for vertical positioning. The toe-in and angle can be fine-tuned thanks to the spherical washers on the brake pads’ threaded posts.

  • Sealed pivot mechanism.

  • Rubber seals and a stainless steel bushing keep the brake arms turning smoothly no matter what you’re riding through.

  • The spring tension can be adjusted in both pivots to center the brake and to adjust the strength of the return swing.

  • The Touring Canti comes with pivots pre-greased and with all necessary hardware.

  • Short pull brakes have less leverage than long pull brakes and require a shorter amount of cable to be pulled when they are actuated.
  • They are intended only for use with short pull brake levers such as our Cross Levers or Canti Levers, or short pull drop bar brake levers.

Technical Information

  • WEIGHT: 99gr
  • FINISH: Anodized or Polished
  • ANODIZED COLOUR: Black, Purple or Silver
  • We recommend running the Touring Canti with a lower straddle wire to maximize stopping power. Having the cable carrier between 1″ inches and 2″ above the tire is a good range.