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Rosé JFF Tyres, 650b x 47.99, Black

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Ultradynamico's ROSÉ is their first offering and the mainstay of their line. Double it up for optimal traction offroad or pair it with the CAVA in the rear to drift the corners a bit more.

JFF means Just For Fun, but not only for fun- these tires are equally equipped for long days locked in the pain dungeon as they are for a Sunday tour of Portland's vegan doughnut shoppes.

JFF is our most accessible offering; think of it as the industry standard in terms of casing and rubber spec. This is an approachable luxury- the cubic zirconia of our catalogue.



  • Handles both pavement and dirt like a skilled musician handles a Stradivarius
  • Carbon compound for longer tread life on pavement
  • JFF more durable casing than our RACE offerings. Fixing flats, while character building, has never been fun
  • Zero sidewall protection and no puncture protection on top for premium terrain massaging ride quality
  • Exotic file undertread revealed after ~1000k of use (unlike you, this tire gets faster with age)
  • Tubeless compatible
  • Continuous center tread for optimal propulsion
  • Aeronautically designed delta knob pattern for superior braking traction during gravel re-entry
  • Tires packaged and sold individually


  • WEIGHT PER TYRE 515g (650b x 47.99mm)